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The one for every occasion!

Includes everything you need with no extra charge! Simply because you deserve the best!

$288 / 2 hrs photobooth

What is Included?

- 1 hyperactive photographer

- 1 print artist

- Live view monitor

- Unlimited 4R prints

- Personalised photo border

- Softcopies of all photos

- Choice of backdrop

- Professional DSLR

- Professional lighting

- Lots of props!!

- And almost everything you can think of!

- Additional hour at $100/hr

We keep costs low but deliver the highest quality! Simply because we love to see you smile :)


Hosting a full day event?

Everyone loves a photobooth, from corporate events to a full day of shutter clicking fun!

$628 / 6 hrs l $788 / 8 hrs

What you get!

- Choice of backdrop

- Change of backdrop every 2 hours

- Corporate branding in photo border

- 1 enthusiastic photographer

- 1 print artist

- Live view monitor

- Unlimited 2R, 4R, 6R prints

- Softcopies of all photos

- Professional photography setup

- Props, props and more props!!

- You name the rest and we'll try our best

- Additional hour at $80/hr

Making every event unforgettable! 


Capture the entire day!

Our professional videographers are on the move to capture every moment of your special day!

Photobooth + Videography

Double Bundle!

Services include

- Professional videographer

- High-definition video recording

- Audio recording

- Professional video recording equipment

- Same day edit

- Full feature edits

- Colour treatment and effects

- Music video wedding

- Corporate events coverage

Because we want to customise to your needs, drop us a text and we will be happy to quote you!

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